The VIENNA DESIGN WEEK is an annual festival founded in 2007 by three experts (Tulga Beyerle, Thomas Geisler, Lilli Hollein) with the aim of linking up Vienna as a location and Austrian designers with the international scene.

Where does the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK take place?

The VIENNA DESIGN WEEK is a festival staged in various locations in the city. It isn’t a fair, it isn’t a sales event and doesn’t have ONE central venue/exhibition location, but a multitude of locations waiting to be discovered.
All information on the events and locations can be found in the programme guide, which is distributed and can be picked up throughout Vienna (in English and German), and as of September on the website www.viennadesignweek.at.

Who hosts the festival?

The director of VIENNA DESIGN WEEK is Lilli Hollein.
Under “contact” you can find more information about the team.

What events are being organized?

The VIENNA DESIGN WEEK consists of a multitude of formats and events in various places. We show presentations and exhibitions, organise unique happenings such as talks and performances, and also projects that can still be seen after the festival has finished. These are classified into eight formats as follows:

Stadtarbeit, Debut, Laboratory, Education, Passionswege, Future Urban Mobility and Programme Partners.In addition, each year has a focus district and many other highlights.

Should anyone need navigation assistance through this jungle of events, the guided tours are ideal and available in various languages, on various themes and for varied target groups.


What does a ticket cost?

There are no tickets, because nearly all events are free of charge. But please note that the normal admission fee applies for museums and some other institutional partners – apart from the opening evening.

How can Iget an overview of the festival for myself?

By means of the programme guide, the website, or the mobile version of our website, which offers a transparent overview with useful suggestions for both guided and individual tours of the festival. In addition, there are info-centres in various venues, providing specific information.


Who can join in?

Designers, businesses of various sizes, universities, museums, institutions – we are open to all and everything, but please send us a concept/portfolio, meanwhile we reserve the right to decide about acceptance into the festival programme on the strength of the submitted works/concepts. A perusal of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK archive can give you an idea of how the concept of design is understood within the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK.

How do I take part in the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK?

Most of the events are conceived by curators, who also select the designers taking part. In addition there are a number of chosen programme partners (museums, galleries, design studios etc.), which prepare projects for the festival in accordance with their own portfolio. Programme partners pay a certain amount, which is graded for designers and businesses of varying size.

Designers, galleries, start-ups: 1,000€
Small businesses (small and medium-sized), museums, cultural institutions: 3,000€
Business concerns: 5,000€

What formats are open to whom and how do I find access into the appropriate format?

Programme Partners: is in principle open to all protagonists in the design sector; submission of a concept, payment of the valid participant fee.

Stadtarbeit: see specific announcement on the website

Debut: Participation for students, graduates and young professionals, curator's choice

Passionswege: curators’ choice; we are glad to receive portfolios at portfolio@viennadesignweek.at.

How does “Focus District” function at the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK? Who decides on it?

The focus district is an annually changing district of Vienna placed in a special spotlight during the festival. Our visitors, whether from Vienna or from outside, have the opportunity to discover another face of Vienna, to get to know local businesses and local charm beyond the fringe of the glamorous city centre.

How do I apply? What should the application include? What’s the deadline for submitting applications for the various formats?

The application is submitted in the form of a portfolio or a specific project proposal. Please send these to portfolio@viennadesignweek.at or office@viennadesignweek.at.
Please always include in the reference which format you are applying for. There is a specific application procedure for the Stadtarbeit (stadtarbeit@viennadesignweek.at).

General applications: by the end of April / beginning of May
Closing date for participating in VIENNA DESIGN WEEK as programme partner: June 5, 2017

After basic agreement or specific invitation to a format on the part of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, project text and further information are to be supplied by the end of June (editorial deadline).

Please note: the format Stadtarbeit has its own schedule (according to the schedule of the announcements or competition and the relevant project management); as a rule, the editorial deadline at the end of June applies.

Taking part solo or as a group? How can I find partners?

Designers/design teams can take part solo or as a group. Correspondingly they will be publicised as programme partners. This means you should consider whether you wish to be publicised under your own brand or name, or as a group, which has joined forces under various aspects (e.g. Young Designers from XXX, University XY, etc).
If designers form a team with businesses, the fee corresponds to the larger partner, thus normally the size of the business.
Sponsors of programme partners and participants cannot be taken into consideration by being named. Only those who have signed a contract as programme partners with the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK are publicised in all communication media with the company name/title/wording that was agreed upon.

The VIENNA DESIGN WEEK permits only logos of their own sponsors. Sponsors of programme partners can be presented only on site, but not in any VIENNA DESIGN WEEK medium.

How do I find a room or presentation facility?

THE VIENNA DESIGN WEEK organisers endeavour to support all interested parties who do not avail of suitable facilities in Vienna to find a location that is well-connected in logistics and geography to the festival happenings. This years focus district will be the 10th district of Vienna.


VIENNA DESIGN WEEK is trying to build close relationships based on mutual trust with their sponsors. We make individual proposals to perfectly meet each corporate sponsor´s objectives and benefits: from being a General Partner and Patron for one of the major formats to material sponsoring. Please contact us!

Zajc/Zündel, Die Neigungsgruppe Design - Tulga Beyerle, Thomas Geisler, Lilli Hollein und Gast

Die Neigungsgruppe Design - Tulga Beyerle, Thomas Geisler, Lilli Hollein und Gast