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Programme Partners

New Design University (NDU) St. Pölten


Fr 25.09.–Su 4.10.2015

Cocktail 26.09.2015 5pm

In cooperation with the furniture and shoe manufacturer GEA (Waldviertler Werkstätten) students of the Bachelor degree course Design, Handwerk & materielle Kultur created designs and prototypes on the themes of “clothes valet” and “folding screen”. In doing so they had to follow the GEA company philosophy and develop high-quality, sustainable products. This resulted in more than twenty different solutions that approach the theme from various perspectives and re-interpret the retro-objects in a frequently unconventional and headstrong way.

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Objekt 42, Festivalzentrale

1100 Wien

Opening hours
Fr 25.09. 10am-7pm
Sa 26.09. 10am-9pm
Su 27.09. 10am-7pm
Mo 28.09. 10am-7pm
Tu 29.09. 10am-7pm
We 30.09. 10am-7pm
Th 1.10. 10am-7pm
Fr 2.10. 10am-7pm
Sa 3.10. 10am-7pm
Su 4.10. 10am-7pm