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Programme Partners

Interio, Lilli Hollein

First presentation: New Austrian Design.

Fr 25.09.–Sa 3.10.2015

Opening 25.09.2015 6:30pm

For this project, Lilli Hollein (VIENNA DESIGN OFFICE) invited six Austrian designers to create a total of twelve pieces of furniture for a collection produced in Austria. This has resulted in unique design products with roots in the Austrian tradition: the reinterpretation of the rustic cupboard – the Bauernschrank. The table and the bench. The time-revered sideboard. The sofa. The coat rack. The bed and bureau. All these are things that make our houses into individual homes. The collection will be presented in the presence of Lilli Hollein, Janet Kath (Interio) and the designers (Patrycja Domanska, Thomas Feichtner, dottings, MarchGut, Robert Rüf and Patrick Rampelotto).

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