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Erwin K. Bauer, Oliver Kartak, Veronika Egger


Sa 8.10.2016, 4–6pm

To support and offer equal opportunities of social participation to all human beings irrespective of disabilities is today a valued objective. Designers can also help to achieve this with inclusive design. The idea of democratic design became manifest already in the functionalist product design of the 1950s and 1960s – although still without the maxims of political correctness. Today, we feel that political correctness in its extreme form is a requirement that is frequently not exactly practicable. The concept of equality, originally positive in motivation, in the end generates imbalance. What are the consequences, if we consistently open up access for all to space, information and services? Is good design that maintains aesthetic criteria then still possible? How might society handle the legitimate demand for equality in a more easygoing way? And what do the solutions look like? Details about procedure and speakers available on the festival website.

With: Thomas Edlinger, Matthias Dusini (Authors), Veronika Egger (designforall) et al.

curator: Erwin K. Bauer
moderator: Erwin K. Bauer

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