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Erwin K. Bauer, Manuel Radde, Roland Stieger, Anna Liska, Andreas Reiter Raabe


Sa 8.10.2016, 1–3:30pm

Painting as the supreme discipline within the visual arts is being permanently renewed and dynamized, and this applies as well to classic communication media such as the book. Invented in its primal form more than 2.500 years ago, the book which is printed with movable type has existed since 1377. Today, despite the success of the digital media, more books are being produced and read than ever. No other medium can provide information in such an individually consumable way as the book – a world of its own,conceived and visualized by authors and book designers. Qualities such as format, sequence, rhythm, paper thickness, haptics, printed colors, and new production options offer fascinating opportunities. With the rediscovery of handicraft, today all kinds of analogue design are being invested, from typography to printing and binding. The focus of this symposium is on the collaboration of book designers with architects and artists. Details about procedure and speakers available on the festival website.

With: Roland Stieger (TGG Hafen), Martha Stutteregger (Typographer), Andreas Reiter-Raabe (Artist and curator), feld72, Caramel Architekten, Atelier Liska Wesle et al.

curator: Erwin K. Bauer
moderator: Erwin K. Bauer

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