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Erwin K. Bauer, Petra Gregorits, Reinhold Gmeinbauer, Ulrike Tschabitzer-Handler, LWZ, Albert Handler


Sa 8.10.2016, 9:30am–12pm

Starting out from the classic print product, the sector of magazine design has undergone a conspicuous further development. Special interest communities are no longer exclusively accessible by way of printed editions. Far more, the interplay of print and online magazines, social media and externally placed contents through media cooperation are creating a networked, thematically focused universe. The production of content in text, image and sound is shifted into the focus of design. Meanwhile, the readership is no longer the sole target group, but is able to generate dynamic contents itself as community. Paradoxically, this development is also giving a distinct boost to the classic print product: Printed magazines are being experimentally designed, elaborately refined, and delight readers with generous photo space. The magazine is back in a new dimension– or was never away. Details about procedure and speakers available on thefestival website.

With: Albert Handler, Ulrike Tschabitzer-Handler (brand unit), Reinhold Gmeinbauer (Alba Communications), LWZ/ballesterer et al.

curator: Erwin K. Bauer
moderator: Erwin K. Bauer

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