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Programme Partners

J. & L. Lobmeyr, KIM+HEEP


Fr 30.09.–Sa 8.10.2016

Cocktail 06.10.2016 6pm

At the opening of the Metropolitan Opera in New York in 1966, the first burst of applause already erupted before the performance to acclaim twelve ascending chandeliers from Vienna. And in the foyer, too, there was a cascade of “exploding stars”, visible from afar. For Hans Harald Rath, the source of inspiration for the chandeliers – which have a symbolic character today – came from a little book by the architect Wallace K. Harrison showing photos from outer space. Acting as his first model were potatoes spiked with toothpicks hanging up in the hotel kitchen. Fifty years after the Met opening, J. & L. Lobmeyr is putting the largest chandelier group on display ever constructed since then. Also on show: refulgent UFOs with reverberating names like Stanley, Nyota, Ellen and Orson by the design duo KIM+HEEP.

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