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Martino Gamper, J. & L. Lobmeyr

MARTINO GAMPER (IT/UK) with J. & L. Lobmeyr

Fr 30.09.–Sa 8.10.2016

Cocktail 30.09.2016 5pm

It is almost two hundred years since Josef Lobmeyr opened his first shop. Whereas it is exactly ten years since the former purveyor to the court for glass refining, chandeliers, and drinking glasses realized a Passionswege project in partnership with Martino Gamper, a South Tyrolean who lives in London. In 2016, Gamper is coming back to Vienna to work in a new edition of this cooperation, turning his attention once more to the decorative surfaces and elaborate techniques that J. & L. Lobmeyr has cultivated and brought to perfection in the course of its history as a firm – cutting, engraving, etching, and sandblasting, also the various forms of hand- painting. In his brilliant new perspective, Martino Gamper experiments with these techniques, mixes them, and creates a highly decorative modern drinking glass.

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