Helmut Palla, Chairchill, Seatyr und Mut-Ant
weitere Bilder

Chairchill, Seatyr und Mut-Ant
© Helmut Palla

Helmut Palla

You take a seat, I take a picture

Fr 1.10.–Su 10.10.2010

Cocktail 07.10.2010 6:30pm

The artist and designer Helmut Palla presents and photographs his seats and seat-takers in the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts Atelierhaus. The show investigates sitting limits, multi-dimensional and -functional sitting, around-the-corner sitting, the bond between seat and seat-taker. The photo studio is set up in the huge Semperdepot, with 60 objects. The pictures will appear later on Facebook and in a large catalogue about six weeks later.

The opening of the exhibition will be on Friday 1.10. at 7 pm.

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Atelierhaus der Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien (ehem. Semperdepot)

1060 Wien

Opening hours
Fr 1.10. 11am-7pm
Sa 2.10. 11am-7pm
Su 3.10. 11am-7pm
Mo 4.10. 11am-7pm
Tu 5.10. 11am-7pm
We 6.10. 11am-7pm
Th 7.10. 11am-10pm
Fr 8.10. 11am-7pm
Sa 9.10. 11am-7pm
Su 10.10. 11am-7pm