Federico Floriani

© Federico Floriani

Programme Partners

mischer'traxler studio, Schloss Hollenegg for Design


Fr 30.09.–Su 9.10.2016

Cocktail 01.10.2016 5pm
Finissage 09.10.2016 5pm

At the invitation of Schloss Hollenegg, the design studio mischer’traxler have worked on an installation on the theme of “Slow”. They placed a multi-layered tabletop under a large pendulum that in monotonous and continuous movement grinds a bowlshaped dent in the surface, showing up the colored layers of the tabletop. ISOCHRONE endeavors to capture time and continuity in process and object. This has resulted in an object – a hybrid consisting of a flat surface and a bowl – which complements the collection of the untypical and occasionally idiosyncratic objects in the interiors of Schloss Hollenegg.

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