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Wirtschaftsagentur Wien, studioBASAR, aws – austria wirtschaftsservice


Sa 30.09.2017, 12:45–6pm

The CREATORS LAB motivates creative people to rethink their business models and aims at helping creative people from design and architecture to develop a direct exchange and sharing of experience with international design experts: studioBASAR combines architecture with social design in the urban environment. Ineke Hans works with her product and furniture design between the charged polarities of industrial and manual production. Jólan van der Wiel’s experimental design pursues multidisciplinary and collaborative strategies. In small groups, participants discuss their business models and current challenges with the international experts. Moreover, during a public talk, the CREATORS LAB presenters showcase their portfolios on 30.9. in the Festival Headquarters. The CREATORS LAB is a format of the Vienna Business Agency and is operated in cooperation with the aws – austria wirtschaftsservice.

Limited number of participants
Registration by 18.9. at

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