Programme Partners

VÖF – Verband österreichischer FilmausstatterInnen (Austrian Filmdesigners Association)

DESIGN IM FILM: Workshop “Costume in Film/Job Descriptions“

Su 1.10.2017, 4–6pm

As part of an event lasting several days, the VÖF – Austrian Filmdesigners Association celebrates its 30th anniversary and showcases the styledefining effect of film design. A film show with subsequent talk with team members spotlights exemplary works by Austrian film designers, curated by Hoanzl (Edition Der Österreichische Film). Workshops and guided tours through studios and depots of VÖF members provide inside views of filmmaking. International film designers including Michele Clapton (costume designer) and Uli Hanisch (set designer) cast light on their work methods in workshop talks. A panel discussion addresses the non-existent training options for film design. Film performances, open studios, workshops, costume flea market, and more, from 29.9. to 8.10. in different locations throughout Vienna – detailed program online!

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