Virgil Widrich

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Virgil Widrich


Fr 29.09.–Su 8.10.2017

Cocktail 30.09.2017 5pm
Finissage 08.10.2017 5pm

When strongrooms are pensioned off, they quite often dream of the cinema – and of the time when break-ins were physical actions, gold bars and bundles of banknotes were still real, and hermetically sealed chambers developed by master designers played the leading roles next to the stars for a whole act – certainly a better and more thrilling fate than the bare existence in the cellar of an abandoned bank. Film director and multimedia artist Virgil Widrich transforms the strongroom of the former Zentralsparkasse branch on Sparkassaplatz 4 into a screen for anaglyph spatial projections. Red-and-green 3-D glasses are provided.

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Festivalzentrale Süd am Sparkassaplatz

1150 Wien

Opening hours
Fr 29.09. 11am-8pm
Sa 30.09. 11am-8pm
Su 1.10. 11am-8pm
Mo 2.10. 11am-8pm
Tu 3.10. 11am-8pm
We 4.10. 11am-8pm
Th 5.10. 11am-8pm
Fr 6.10. 11am-8pm
Sa 7.10. 11am-8pm
Su 8.10. 11am-8pm