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J. & L. Lobmeyr

Max Lamb (GB ) at J. & L. Lobmeyr

Th 1.10.2009, 6pm

For his joint work with Lobmeyr, the British designer Max Lamb has applied a holistic approach to both the company and the subject of enhancing glass – and consequently has realised a project in each of the most important areas for Lobmeyr: glass blowing, cutting, and engraving. He is not concerned here with individual glass products, nor – particularly important for the classic Lobmeyr models – with standardised forms and ornamentation. Rather, his concept involves redesigning the production process so that the handcrafting and its “worth” become visible – literally: on simple four-ounce glasses there is, for example, one sphere engraved on the first one, two on the next, forty on the fortieth, . . . until there is no more room left. The price of each glass is raised with every sphere engraved on it to include the cost of the additional work invested by the engraver: the result is a poetic system design that emphasizes the work factor. It is systematic enough to make sense and too unsystematic to produce standardised products and turn artisans into mere reproducers. And meanwhile, the ornaments cease to be patterns.

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