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Fr 29.09.–Th 5.10.2017

Cocktail 02.10.2017 7pm

Gigodesign, Slovenia’s leading design agency, professes the philosophy that design is not based simply on magic or inspiration but is above all a method of solving problems – a method that at the end of the day aims to make all our lives better. The presentation as part of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK demonstrates that responsibility and the process are capable of providing the impulse for user-relevant innovations – which is Gigodesign’s ideal. Instead of focusing on finished products, it traces the fascinating evolutionary process of such innovations from different branches. The exhibition is supported by the Slovenian Cultural Information Center SKICA.

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ZIMMER - Working in Concept

1080 Wien

Opening hours
Fr 29.09. 11am-7pm
Sa 30.09. 11am-7pm
Su 1.10. 11am-7pm
Mo 2.10. 11am-7pm
Tu 3.10. 11am-7pm
We 4.10. 11am-7pm
Th 5.10. 11am-7pm