Katharina Eisenköck

© Katharina Eisenköck


Petz Hornmanufaktur, Katharina Eisenköck

Katharina Eisenköck

Fr 29.09.–Sa 7.10.2017

Cocktail 30.09.2017 3pm

Horn is a fascinating natural material used for producing high quality everyday objects – combs, buttons, shoehorns, jewelry, and so on. Thomas Petz, who heads the manufactory of the same name founded in 1862, took the firm over from his grandparents. He learned his craft from his grandfather, the last master of the Viennese guild of horn producers. At her visit to the idyllically situated manufactory, the Austrian designer Katharina Eisenköck was thrilled by the traditional work method, the original tools, the aroma of warm horn, the magically sparkling horn dust. The designer, based in London, studied at the famous Camberwell College of Arts and works as a freelance furniture and product designer. Her experimental handling of the horn manifests in various ways the unique haptic and occasionally crude natural material. She traces the individual phases of development in making a traditional comb – slitting, the final pressing and shaping, then polishing. Lightness, transparency, and richly faceted colors become the star players in the show producing these minimalist, luminous objects.

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