Lavinia Hausner,  Christian Lutz

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Lavinia Hausner und Christian Lutz


Fr 29.09.–Su 8.10.2017

Cocktail 03.10.2017 6pm

Experimental prototyping opens up the horizon for new options of application and processing: Leather for example is won from the outer skin of animals. But what if we tan less remarkable, inner skins, like pig’s bladder? Wood, meanwhile, is usually worked into a smooth surface, counter to its natural growth. But how can the natural wood structure become visible and tangible by brushing without having to smooth the material? By bringing inner structures to the fore, Lavinia Hausner and Christian Lutz show otherwise unnoticed properties of wood and leather in their exhibition, thus initiating a change of perspective towards material processing.

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wildwood Pop-up-Store / Lavinia Hausner und Christian Lutz

1150 Wien

Opening hours
Fr 29.09. 10am-9pm
Sa 30.09. 10am-9pm
Su 1.10. 10am-9pm
Mo 2.10. 10am-9pm
Tu 3.10. 10am-9pm
We 4.10. 10am-9pm
Th 5.10. 10am-9pm
Fr 6.10. 10am-9pm
Sa 7.10. 10am-9pm
Su 8.10. 10am-9pm