Katharina Gossow

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Programme Partners

Meșteshukar ButiQ, zerunianandweisz

Children’s workshop with eematico

Sa 7.10.2017, 10am–2pm

Based on the exhibits by zerunianandweisz, eematico is organizing a hands-on workshop for five- to eight-year-olds: The children use different materials to make toy versions of the figural exhibits FIDDLER, PFEIFFER & SCHLAU. Wood, string, wire, paper, and cardboard are cut, polished, glued, screwed, or painted, all according to the children’s ideas. At the end, they present their finished objects, explain what the toys represent, and have them photographed for the hall of fame. The workshop aims to make children familiar with design as a means of thinking and doing, which acts as a connecting link between different cultures and crafts.

Maximum of 15 children per workshop

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