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Saint Charles Apotheke


Fr 29.09.–Sa 7.10.2017

Cocktail 29.09.2017 8:30pm

The Saint Charles Apotheke in Vienna isn’t a pharmacy in the conventional sense. Here, you can find not only registered orthodox medicaments, but also traditional European medicines and self-mixed natural cosmetics. There is a coherent philosophy behind this: “The herbs we find on our doorstep, we can make into medicinal remedies, use them as effective agents in cosmetics, or eat them,” says Alexander Ehrmann, who runs the pharmacy in the sixth generation and shared his knowledge as part of the Passionswege with members of pavillon_35. Günter Seyfried, Kristin Weissenberger, and Moya Hoke, members of this society for science-based art, focus in their project on the therapeutic aspects of the forest, or, better said, the quintessence of the forest, of the noble ritual of smoking and steaming, pausing and lingering. The project’s objective is to create awareness that something new can be born of science in association with art and design – at present a fundamental trend in design.

Taking part: Elisabeth Breidenbrücker (Spagyric) and Paul Stempberger (Technical support in turned woodworks).

Responsible for the forest installation and the culinary experience is the Feldküche collective with the participation of Richard Eigner (Ritornell), Christoph Fink (einsundeinsdeluxe) and Hubert Peter (rien).

With the support of the Austrian Federal Forests.

Sun closed (Smoking salon)

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Saint Charles Alimentary

1060 Wien

Opening hours
Fr 29.09. 5-9pm
Sa 30.09. 5-9pm
Su 1.10. 5-9pm
Mo 2.10. 5-9pm
Tu 3.10. 5-9pm
We 4.10. 5-9pm
Th 5.10. 5-9pm
Fr 6.10. 5-9pm
Sa 7.10. 5-9pm