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Su 1.10.2017, 3:30pm

National identity is a signal communicated via banknotes, fire brigade vehicles, and uniforms. Nation branding deliberately processes the nation’s image. And there are specific symbols for democracy. For the 100th anniversary of the Austrian republic in 2018 and the upcoming National Council election, the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK interviews experts about the origin and transformation of the image of Austria and the subtexts reverberating in the background. Democratic awareness as a task for design. In an introduction to the talk, Jakob Zerbes presents his current diploma project “GAIA – The Artificial Intelligence to Substitute Our Political System”: What does the rapid development of computer performance, artificial intelligence, and big data signify for our society? And how does it question the way we live together? A project from the Institute of Graphic Design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

Impulse performance: Jakob Zerbes (Graduate class Oliver Kartak)
Panel with: Erwin K. Bauer (buero bauer), Edith Blaschitz (Department for Arts and Cultural Studies, Danube University Krems), Eva Blimlinger (Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Rector)

Moderation: Barbara Tòth (Falter Verlag)

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