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Design in Romania – Design from Romania

Su 8.10.2017, 2pm

Design made in Romania! This year’s Guest Country of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK is Romania. Alongside the key themes, the regional focus is reflected particularly in the presence of many Romanian designers, who are represented in very diverse ways across the board of all festival formats. A welcome situation, which also links up with current developments in and around the urban centers of Romania. The Romanian Design Week was held for the fifth time already in 2017 and attracts designers from all over the country. And international networking is being boosted as well, as seen in the example of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Vienna. At the same time, young designers are working to support the special features of Romanian design. In this talk in English, representatives describe their view of the flourishing Romanian design scene.

With: Irina Cornisteanu (Director of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Vienna), Ovidiu Hrin (Synopsis Media, curator and graphic designer), Maria Neneciu (Romanian Design Week),
Alexandra Trofin (Stadtarbeit project TISCHLEIN DECK DICH)

Moderation: Julia Hürner (VIENNA DESIGN WEEK)

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