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Su 8.10.2017, 4pm

Between hot spot and focus, gentrification and ghettoization, between district festival and neighborhood branding: How do urban districts work on their image to manage the transition from workers’ district to creative hub? How do they exploit the public space? And how far do they need a critical confrontation with the creative industries in interaction with the real estate branch? Based on the study “Beyond Gentrification”, which also sheds light on this year’s Focus District of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, this talk addresses the development of the 15th district, which is, according to the study, deemed to be the least educated and the one with the lowest incomes, but also the youngest and ethnically most diverse urban district in the city.

Impulse presentation: Yvonne Franz (Department of Geography and Regional Research, University of Vienna)
Panel with: Thomas Blimlinger (Borough mayor, 7th district), Yvonne Franz (Department of Geography and Regional Research, University of Vienna), Oliver Kartak (University of Applied Arts Vienna, professor and designer), Albert Wimmer (Architect)

Moderation: Kurt Tanner (Werkstadt15)

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