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Stadtarbeit – City Work

Guerilla Architects


Su 29.10.–Sa 7.10.2017

Tea and snacks help to motivate people in an informal setting to talk about the shared or different ideas of homeland and home from the point of view of refugees, partner organizations, and visitors of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK: Hand-out workshop documents will motivate further ideas, discussions, and drawings on the wall. In this way, the inside room of the tearoom will fill up continually during the festival with new drawings and stories.

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Festivalzentrale Nord im Blauen Haus

1150 Wien

Opening hours
Fr 29.09. 5-8pm
Sa 30.09. 5-8pm
Su 1.10. 5-8pm
Mo 2.10. 5-8pm
We 4.10. 5-8pm
Th 5.10. 5-8pm
Fr 6.10. 5-8pm
Sa 7.10. 5-8pm