Pia Scharla

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Stadtarbeit – City Work

Dementia. Arts. Society. – D.A.S.


Fr 29.09.–Su 8.10.2017

LEBENSWELTEN is part of the artistic research project Dementia. Arts. Society. – D.A.S. Through design and art, the project offers new approaches to the topic of dementia and, with different participatory workshops and interactions in the public space, raises public awareness for the life worlds of people with dementia. Synergies and connections between people with and without dementia are tracked and empathy is aroused to find a language of understanding and coexistence. With the help of design objects and unconventional communication strategies, new approaches to the topic of dementia can be experienced by participants. On 8.10., the team extends an invitation to finish off an afternoon together with workshops and music.

For more details visit www.dementiaartssociety.com.

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