LOBMEYR/Davies- Starr, LOBMEYR Trinkservice No.248 von Adolf Loos
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LOBMEYR Trinkservice No.248 von Adolf Loos
© LOBMEYR/Davies- Starr

Programme Partners

J. & L. Lobmeyr, Stefan Sagmeister

80 years “Loos-Service”

Fr 30.09.–Sa 8.10.2011

Cocktail 07.10.2011 7pm

The cylindrical glass tumblers from Vienna have conquered the world. It would most certainly have pleased Adolf Loos to see an industrially manufactured variant of his design from the 1930s in any café you might happen to walk into. The original, which was considered to be provocatively simple in those days, has been produced ever since by Lobmeyr. Tiny details, more felt than seen,
make these glasses objects one simply loves. In a letter to Lobmeyr,
Loos suggested engraving motifs on the base: ‘butterfly, fly, a nude human figure, little animals, etc’ – an unusual proposal to be made by a purist. The New York-based graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister has now been commissioned to deliver his interpretation. The result: ‘SEVEN DEADLY SINS – SEVEN HEAVENLY VIRTUES’.

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1010 Wien

Opening hours
Fr 30.09. 10am-6pm
Sa 1.10. 10am-6pm
Su 2.10. 10am-6pm
Mo 3.10. 10am-7pm
Tu 4.10. 10am-7pm
We 5.10. 10am-7pm
Th 6.10. 10am-7pm
Fr 7.10. 10am-7pm
Sa 8.10. 10am-6pm