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Die Presse

Idea Contest – ‘Marke Österreich’

Tu 4.10.2011, 6:30–11pm

Twenty distinguished visual designers, who are either Austrian or living in Austria, have been invited by Die Presse and the Austrian Postal Service to take part in the ideas competition ‘Marke Österreich’ [The Stamp/ Brand of Austria], with their approach to Austrian identity to be visualised in the form of a stamp.

As part of the event, all of the stamp designs will be shown and the term ‘stamp’ in its double meaning discussed. In a roundtable discussion with experts, the question of how Austria as a ‘design label’ functions will be addressed. How much can design contribute to ‘nation branding’?

Following the discussion the competition’s winning stamp will be announced. It will realised in 2012 as part of the special issue stamp
programme. The Project was developed by Liquid Frontiers, Vienna.

You are cordially invited by Die Presse and the Postal Service to a flying buffet at the end.

To register please email to leservorteile@diepresse.com

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