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Wien Energie
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Programme Partners

Wien Energie GmbH, Valentin Vodev, Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien

Electric Charging Station Design

Fr 30.09.–Su 9.10.2011

Cocktail 03.10.2011 6pm

Wien Energie is Austria’s largest regional supplier of energy and promotes modern, environmentally sound, and tried-and-tested technologies. Also in the area of energy infrastructure for e-vehicles, they help to create sensible means of electric mobility.

The Department of Architecture and City Planning of the City of Vienna (MA 19) commissioned the design of sustainable, technically easy to realise, and attractive electric charging stations. A panel of experts has unanimously chosen the ‘super-steckdose’ of the GP designpartners firm as the winning project. It will now be presented within the framework of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK. Also to be shown, and compatible with the theme, will be the new ‘Vienna Bike’, by the designer Valentin Vodev. Together the two projects offer a good prospect for new mobility possibilities in Vienna.

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Ausstellungszentrum Heiligenkreuzerhof

1010 Wien

Opening hours
Fr 30.09. 10am-6pm
Sa 1.10. 10am-6pm
Su 2.10. 10am-6pm
Mo 3.10. 10am-6pm
Tu 4.10. 10am-6pm
We 5.10. 10am-6pm
Th 6.10. 10am-6pm
Fr 7.10. 10am-6pm
Sa 8.10. 10am-6pm
Su 9.10. 10am-6pm