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Beza Projekt, Atelier Philippe Telliez - Maitre Artisan

Beza Projekt (PL) at Atelier Telliez

Fr 30.09.–Fr 7.10.2011

Cocktail 01.10.2011 5pm

He is “not a decorator”, but a “tapessier”, as Philippe Telliez repeatedly insists. The native Frenchman, who runs an atelier near Karmelitermarkt, is one of the last of this profession in Austria. For he deals in techniques that belong to a long past culture of home living. Telliez makes wall hangings, tapestries, heavy drapery, restores old upholstery and in elaborate craftsmanship recreates new designs after old models. Sometimes in the style of Louis XV, sometimes XVI, sometimes after Josef Hoffmann.
Beza Projekt is the name chosen for themselves by the Warsaw designers Anna Łoskiewicz and Zofia Strumiłło-Sukiennik. With their adventurous, fresh and frequently humorous approach they are a perfect match for the world of exquisite, pre-industrial interior design. Their “swinging” contrast programme in the Atelier Telliez: a swing, modern in design, fashioned by master hand and, most important: to be tried out in situ! An illustrious rococo party would have gone wild about it as well!

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Atelier Telliez

1020 Wien

Opening hours
Fr 30.09. 1-6pm
Sa 1.10. 1-6pm
Su 2.10. 1-6pm
Mo 3.10. 1-6pm
Tu 4.10. 1-6pm
We 5.10. 1-6pm
Th 6.10. 1-6pm
Fr 7.10. 1-6pm