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Fr 1.10.–Sa 30.10.2010

Opening 05.10.2010 7pm

BLACK INTERVENING OBJECTS is a project specially developed by Laurent Ajina for the gallery Rauminhalt that joins space and content through drawings. The artist has chosen a series of outstanding objects from various epochs for their aesthetics, functionality, and enigmatic character. An additional common denominator is their black colour. The artist will then take possession of the space by creating drawings in perspective to the objects that are unusual for their history and ‘soul’.

As a creator of space, Laurent Ajina occupies a territory he has been entrusted with and modifies it by making direct reference to it and confronting it with its own creative environment. The artist treats architecture pictorially in order to offer a new way of viewing the urban space. In this process, in which the immediate environment—the space – serves as the creative catalyst, the artist transposes this very space into an in-situ installation that incorporates a monumental drawing and video.

Laurent Ajina was born in Paris in 1970. Initially he studied architecture, later turning his attention entirely to the fine arts. Laurent Ajina is currently an artist in residence at Centquatre, one of the leading cultural institutions in Paris.

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Galerie Rauminhalt

1040 Wien

Opening hours
Fr 1.10. 12-3pm
Sa 2.10. 10am-3pm
Su 3.10. closed
Mo 4.10. closed
Tu 5.10. 12-10pm
We 6.10. 12-7pm
Th 7.10. 12-7pm
Fr 8.10. 12-7pm
Sa 9.10. 10am-3pm
Su 10.10. 12-3pm
Mo 11.10. 12-3pm
Tu 12.10. 12-3pm
We 13.10. 12-3pm
Th 14.10. 12-3pm
Fr 15.10. 12-3pm
Sa 16.10. 12-3pm
Su 17.10. 12-3pm
Mo 18.10. 12-3pm
Tu 19.10. 12-3pm
We 20.10. 12-3pm
Th 21.10. 12-3pm
Fr 22.10. 12-3pm
Sa 23.10. 12-3pm
Su 24.10. 12-3pm
Mo 25.10. 12-3pm
Tu 26.10. 12-3pm
We 27.10. 12-3pm
Th 28.10. 12-3pm
Fr 29.10. 12-3pm
Sa 30.10. 12-3pm