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stilwerk Wien, Erwin K. Bauer, Demian Bern

Thomas + Martin Poschauko

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We 5.10.–Fr 7.10.2011

Thomas and Martin Poschauko are first and foremost illustrators and experimental graphic designers. Their creative palette is highly diversified: they design record covers, children’s books, classical graphic design projects, and corporate designs. They love to ‘narrate stories visually’ and free experimentation. Their goal is to never get set in any one ‘style’ and to always find completely new forms of visualisation. In their experimental work, as ‘creative researchers’ they analyse their own creative process and pass on the insights gained as teachers and authors.

Also present as guests: Tobias Röttger (Eikes Hort, & Arne Schneider (, graphic designers.

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stilwerk Wien

1020 Wien

Opening hours
We 5.10. 10am-8pm
Th 6.10. 10am-8pm
Fr 7.10. 10am-8pm