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Uli Budde, A.E.Köchert Juweliere

Uli Budde at A.E. Köchert Juweliere

Fr 30.09.–Sa 8.10.2011

Cocktail 03.10.2011 5pm

Founded in 1814, for almost two hundred years A.E.Köchert has been producing costly and prestigious jewellery in consummate workmanship, from classic forms to contemporary design. The former imperial and royal purveyors to the court and inventor of the
“Sisi Star” – which the empress liked to wear in her hair – is now opening its workshop to the German designer Uli Budde. Inspired by his conversation with the trained gem specialist Wolfgang Köchert, Budde opted for the cut diamond as his theme. But not in actual fact, because he will show neither veritable diamonds nor “bling-bling”, but a project freed of all the values associated with this most precious stone. With focus on the facet, the geometric elements of the classic brilliantcut are dissected in themselves and re-assembled into a new form. This results in polyhedral bodies, wondrous crystalline configurations and modelled 3D landscapes.

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A.E. Köchert Juweliere

1010 Wien

Opening hours
Fr 30.09. 10am-5pm
Sa 1.10. 10am-5pm
Su 2.10. 10am-5pm
Mo 3.10. 10am-8:30pm
Tu 4.10. 10am-6pm
We 5.10. 10am-6pm
Th 6.10. 10am-6pm
Fr 7.10. 10am-6pm
Sa 8.10. 10am-5pm