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Programme Partners

J. & L. Lobmeyr, POLKA

Wine and Design

Sa 4.10.2008, 3pm

The new drinking service created by the designer duo POLKA with the glassmaker Lobmeyr has turned out comparatively simply: consisting of two wine glasses, water glass, champagne glass, liqueur glass and carafe, it introduces a contemporary position on the theme of drinking glasses. The aim was to develop an uncomplicated series that people would like to use often – the flat champagne glass may also be used as an ice-cream bowl and the water glass as a beer glass.

"What inspired us was the charm of a variety of shapes of glasses that have been collected as you find them in old glass cabinets," is how Marie Rahm and Monica Singer explain their approach. Nevertheless each glass displays the elegance and delicacy of mouth-blown Lobmeyr glasses.

In turn, cooperation with the WIENWEIN vintners was decisive in the creation of the glass series. The forms were developed together during the course of numerous meetings and wine-tastings. On 4 October visitors can experience the interplay of wine and design for themselves at a wine-tasting in the new Lobmeyr glasses by the four Vienna vintners Wieninger, Edelmoser, Christ and Zahel.

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