Domagoj Kunić, Croatian Holiday 2012 collection

Croatian Holiday 2012 collection
© Domagoj Kunić

Programme Partners

Ivana Borovnjak & Roberta Bratovic, Croatian Designers Association

Croatian Holiday 2012

Fr 28.09.–Su 7.10.2012

Cocktail 29.09.2012 6pm

Croatian Holiday 2012 is a collection of products inspired by tourism. This traveling exhibition is a charming and nostalgic way of dealing with the country’s clichés and stereotypes. Its main purpose is to stimulate debate on the importance of connecting design and tourism in Croatia. 20 young Croatian designers have been asked to undertake creative research and critically approach the sociology of tourism. The result is an imaginary brand commenting on the future of tourism, while at the same time relying on the existing heritage and tourist experience of the country.

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Das Gschwandner

1170 Wien

Opening hours
Fr 28.09. 3-7pm
Sa 29.09. 3-7pm
Su 30.09. 3-7pm
Mo 1.10. 3-7pm
Tu 2.10. 3-7pm
We 3.10. 3-7pm
Th 4.10. 3-7pm
Fr 5.10. 3-7pm
Sa 6.10. 3-7pm
Su 7.10. 3-7pm