Sonja Bäumel, "Mutationen"

© Sonja Bäumel

Programme Partners

Dunbar‘s Number, mischer'traxler studio, Konstantin Schmölzer


Fr 28.09.–Su 7.10.2012

Opening 29.09.2012 6pm

The association “Dunbar’s Number”, a collective consisting of the studios of Sonja Bäumel, mischer’traxler, Konstantin Schmölzer & the curator Judith Radlegger, is showing new works in the exhibition “Mutations” on the theme of change – of ideas, of insight, of a product or of an activity. For the designers, mutation – scientifically defined as permanent change of genetic makeup – is to be understood as self-reflection and is developed keeping in mind the change in existing structures and definitions. Mutation as visualisation of an instant is the theme and content of the exhibition.

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Das Gschwandner

1170 Wien

Opening hours
Fr 28.09. 3-7pm
Sa 29.09. 3-7pm
Su 30.09. 3-7pm
Mo 1.10. 3-7pm
Tu 2.10. 3-7pm
We 3.10. 3-7pm
Th 4.10. 3-7pm
Fr 5.10. 3-7pm
Sa 6.10. 3-7pm
Su 7.10. 3-7pm