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Programme Partners

J. & L. Lobmeyr, POLKA

LOBMEYR presents HEREND & POLKA: Scales without Fish

Fr 28.09.–Sa 6.10.2012

Cocktail 04.10.2012 6pm

The Hungarian porcelain manufactory of Herend commissioned the Viennese design studio POLKA to design a porcelain service with new decorative motifs inspired by Herend’s company history. The plates and bowls are painted by hand in richly varied patterns and blended to form a pot-pourri of lavish diversity, with influences ranging from chinoiserie to graphic decorative motifs of the Orient. For the first time Herend is using blue inglazing for the decoration, hence the porcelain is dishwasher-proof.
LOBMEYR is delighted to debut this fresh, young porcelain from the Herend Manufactory in an installation designed by POLKA in the bulthaup Kitchen Studio.

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