Gottfried Hattinger, das möbel - The 7 Deadly Sins

das möbel - The 7 Deadly Sins
© Gottfried Hattinger

das möbel > das geschäft

The Seven Deadly Sins – Book Presentation and Design Intervention

Fr 1.10.–Sa 9.10.2010

Cocktail 07.10.2010 6:30pm

"The seven deadly sins are the seven pure colours of the spectrum of the souls of the righteous.” (Paul Valéry)

In the kursiv-Jahrbuch 2010 [the 2010 yearbook of the art magazine kursiv] the reader who is so inclined will receive a totally just orientation aid to the multifarious conditions, circumstances, and uprisings that the precious energies our basic drives bring about, and always with far-reaching effects. Artists, writers, designers, and other righteous ones report on the seven deadly sins of both those who shared the times and those, the sorrow, past and present. In das möbel > das geschäft some of the authors will deliver their statements live and present the work fresh off the press.

To accompany the book presentation, seven designers have bee invited to each deal with one of the seven deadly sins by means an installation at our neighbours’ (
Designers: bindermayer, breadedEscalope, design by f maurer, POLKAproducts, Robert Rüf and others.


• Antonio Lupi, 6., Leharg. 10
• Feuerhaus, 6., Gumpendorfer Str. 14
• Futonwerkstatt, 6., Gumpendorfer Str. 5a
• Habari, 6., Theobaldg. 16
• lichterloh, 6., Gumpendorfer Str. 15–17
• Quas, 6., Gumpendorfer Str. 16
• Wohnzeile 4, 6., Linke Wienzeile 4

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