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Valentin Vodev

Valentin Vodev (BG/AT) at J. & L. Lobmeyr

Fr 28.09.–Sa 6.10.2012

Cocktail 28.09.2012 5pm

The Viennese glassmakers J. &. L. Lobmeyr can look back at a tradition lasting almost two hundred years and stands equally for fine, thin-walled muslin glass as it does for the highest-quality refining techniques of glass-cutting, -polishing and engraving; not the least of the products of the former imperial and royal purveyors to the Court are chandeliers in all styles since the Baroque.
As counterpart and simultaneously contrast programme for Lobmeyr, the festival management has chosen the Austrian product and industrial designer Valentin Vodev, who until now has worked far more with functional and solution-oriented product design than with the refinement of dinner tables. An exciting encounter!

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