Stefanie Unterhauser, Zeitloses DesignStefanie Unterhauser 2013DAE_Lehrveranstaltung Nachhaltiges Design

Zeitloses Design Stefanie Unterhauser 2013 DAE_Lehrveranstaltung Nachhaltiges Design
© Stefanie Unterhauser

Programme Partners

Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien, design:mikimartinek

Upcycling – Sustainable Design

Fr 27.09.–Sa 5.10.2013

Cocktail 03.10.2013 5pm

This semester, Miki Martinek’s key theme with students at the Vienna University of Applied Arts is sustainable design. In cooperation with Gabarage, during the festival a group of students will develop solutions for upcycling design. Their topics for discussion include such formulations as low-cost design, slow design, zero design, design without consuming. Another group of upcoming design communicators will create a “design:caching” for visitors, a tour with the theme of design-watching, which will take visitors through the Freihaus quarter.

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