2010 antoinette bader, Laceslamp by Antoinette Bader
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Laceslamp by Antoinette Bader
© 2010 antoinette bader

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Antoinette Bader

Antoinette Bader (CH): LacesLamp

Fr 1.10.–Su 10.10.2010

Cocktail 04.10.2010 7:30pm

A chandelier by the Swiss designer Antoinette Bader will be on show at Rudolf Scheer und Söhne, makers of custom shoes and former imperial and royal suppliers. The chandelier is wrapped in hundreds of yards of shoelaces made by the Tobby® Band und Flechtwaren GmbH, a traditional Viennese family enterprise; the entwined laces produce fascinating special effects and an impressive shadow play. The showroom, itself once a crystal chandelier shop named ‘Exquisit Kristall’, lives again in this form through the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK.


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