Syntonyms – Ábris Gryllus

Syntonyms – Ábris Gryllus

Programme Partners

Balassi Institut – Collegium Hungaricum Wien


Fr 27.09.–Su 6.10.2013

Cocktail 05.10.2013 7pm

The inflatable, spacious tent in the foyer of the stilwerk Wien isolates people from the surroundings and thus evokes an even richer experience of the installation. The installation “Syntonyms” takes images from six European cities located at famous
 rivers – among them Vienna – as visual material to be translated into an auditory and interactive game. The silhouettes of buildings and their images mirrored in the water are transformed into parameters. These serve as basis for soundscapes presented to the audience in an igloo-like tent, where visitors can choose between the various cities. Curator: Rita Mária Halasi

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stilwerk Wien

1020 Wien

Opening hours
Mo 30.09. 10am-5pm
Tu 1.10. 10am-5pm
We 2.10. 10am-5pm
Th 3.10. 10am-5pm
Fr 4.10. 10am-12pm
Sa 5.10. 3pm-1am
Su 6.10. 10am-7pm