Dune by Rainer Mutsch
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Dune by Rainer Mutsch

Verdarium, Rainer Mutsch

Rainer Mutsch – DUNE

Fr 1.10.–Su 10.10.2010

Finissage 10.10.2010 11am

The official launching of ‘DUNE’ is on 10 October at Verdarium, Hauptstraße 286, 3411 Weidling. The Sunday brunch tradition at Verdarium, to which Nora Stalzer and Clemens Lutz invite designers and manufacturers to breakfast, joins up with the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK and stages its finale. The Austrian designer Rainer Mutsch and Stefan Berger (Head of Design and Interior, Eternit-Werke Ludwig Hatschek AG) will present their city furniture ‘DUNE’ against the backdrop of the autumnal Vienna woods, with roasted chestnuts and fresh must (talk at 12:30).

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3411 Weidling-Klosterneuburg

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