VDW Debüt 2009
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VDW Debüt 2009


taliaYstudio, Dyson Austria, Thomas Geisler, Verein Neigungsgruppe Design, Tulga Beyerle, Lilli Hollein

Mind Blowing Heroes

Fr 1.10.–Su 10.10.2010

Cocktail 02.10.2010 8pm

The VIENNA DESIGN WEEK gives ten young designers the chance of showing their works in a selection of Austrian entries for the annual James Dyson Award. “The ability to think differently is what the James Dyson Award celebrates and encourages“, said James Dyson. The show titled “Mind Blowing Heroes” will be presented this year in Hernals, one of the topographic focuses of the 2010 festival.

Christoph Lahner, Joris Zebinger (FH Joanneum, Graz), Valentin Vodev (Royal College of Art London), Jessica Covi, Shirin Fani, Lena Goldsteiner, Julia Kaisinger, Barbara Mozdyniewicz, Johanna Schönberger (all University of Applied Arts Vienna), Sabrina Masal (University of Applied Sciences Salzburg)

Exhibition design: taliaYsebastian
Graphic artist: Mariano Margarit

Opening on Saturday, 2 October 2010, at 8 pm; speaker is Peter Pollak (CEO, Dyson Austria). The presentation of the national James Dyson Awards 2010 will take place after the opening.

The VIENNA DESIGN WEEK Debut is supported by the James
Dyson Foundation and the James Dyson Award.

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Lebendige Innere Hernalser Hauptstraße

1170 Wien

Opening hours
Fr 1.10. 2-7pm
Sa 2.10. 2-10pm
Su 3.10. closed
Mo 4.10. 2-7pm
Tu 5.10. 2-7pm
We 6.10. 2-7pm
Th 7.10. 2-7pm
Fr 8.10. 2-7pm
Sa 9.10. 2-7pm
Su 10.10. 2-7pm