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J. & L. Lobmeyr, BCXSY

BCXSY (NL) with J.&L. Lobmeyr

Fr 26.09.–Sa 4.10.2014

Cocktail 27.09.2014 3pm

“Incredible care and attention are put into the smallest details, yet at the same time many of the pieces are intended for everyday use – assisting us to (re)discover the joy of our daily rituals.” With this in mind, BCXSY, Boaz Cohen and Sayaka Yamamoto, created the J(oy) & L(ove) wine tumblers. Drawing on the classic Biedermeier friendship tumbler, a Lobmeyr classic, they have developed a set of two tumblers, destined for a couple, sharing a moment together. Motifs generated from paper cuts and brought onto the “love tumblers” via sandblasting as well as hand engraving, turn the pieces into truly personal objects.
Attention: For all those who don’t have a partner to use the set, a single-party will take place on September 27th!

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