Vandasye, Vandasye bei Chronometrie Sulzberger
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Vandasye bei Chronometrie Sulzberger
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Vandasye, .Chronometrie Sulzberger, Verein Neigungsgruppe Design

Vandasye (AT) at the Chronometrie Sulzberger

Fr 1.10.–Sa 9.10.2010

Cocktail 02.10.2010 5pm

On Hernalser Hauptstraße, Dietmar Sulzberger sells valuable, high- priced clocks so specialised he sometimes feels a little lonely there. The two designers from Vandasye, Georg Schnitzer and Peter Umgeher, spontaneously decided to support Mr Sulzberger. They developed a network concept for the small shop in Hernals whereby other Viennese manufacturers and merchants can also sell their highquality products – makers of custom shoes, hand-made hats, leather goods. The clock shop will thus become contextualised, and customers’ options enhanced.

The PASSIONSWEGE format, a core component of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, brings designers together with Vienna shops and manufacturers with on-the-spot experimental projects and interventions.

The resulting installations are all on show from 1.10. to 10.10. during normal opening hours in the business premises. A special reception takes place on the PASSIONSWEGE evenings in the presence of the designers.

The VIENNA DESIGN WEEK Passionswege are supported by the
Vienna Chamber of Commerce

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