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esterni - everybody's bench
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everybody‘s bench

Sa 2.10.–Sa 9.10.2010

Everybody’s bench is a public design intervention aimed at creating a new public area that might stimulate people to interact and exchange ideas. It will consist of a long wooden bench that will eventually extend all along the Palffygasse, offering people a place to sit, relax, rest, organise small presentations, exhibit their own projects, live, and enjoy the public space. The bench will gradually grow longer during the week, with the passers-by becoming involved in the design and construction of the bench. They will be asked to design their ideal public seat, and with the help of the esterni team, will have the chance to realise it.

On Saturday, 9.10., the last project day, there will be an auction of bench elements from 4 pm.

With the friendly support of Austrian Federal Forests.

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