Nicolas Le Moigne, A.E.Köchert Juweliere, Verein Neigungsgruppe Design

Nicolas Le Moigne (CH) at A.E.Köchert

Fr 1.10.–Sa 9.10.2010

Cocktail 04.10.2010 5pm

The former imperial and royal jewellers A.E.Köchert have been creating exquisite jewellery for almost 200 years. For the Swiss designer Nicolas Le Moigne, Köchert’s products are the ultimate in prestige and luxury. His goal was to combine its historical opulence with a contemporary and affordable (!) idea. The designer takes the stage on Hoher Markt with the outrageous slogan ‘buy 1, get 1 free’, or even better, ‘buy 1, get 10, 100, etc., free’. Lemoigne uses mirrors to multiply the precious objects, ironically exaggerating luxury to the extremes of decadence, simultaneously tickling the blissful fancy of the consumer in getting more for his or her money.

The PASSIONSWEGE format, a core component of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, brings designers together with Vienna shops and manufacturers with on-the-spot experimental projects and interventions.

The resulting installations are all on show from 1.10. to 10.10. during normal opening hours in the business premises. A special reception takes place on the PASSIONSWEGE evenings in the presence of the designers.

The VIENNA DESIGN WEEK Passionswege are supported by the
Vienna Chamber of Commerce

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Fr 1.10. 10am-6pm
Sa 2.10. 10am-5pm
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