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New Design University (NDU) St. Pölten

Do Touch. Materials of the future.

Fr 25.09.–Su 4.10.2015

Opening 25.09.2015 3pm

Metal as elastic as a rubber band. Glass, thin as a sheet of paper. Electrically conducting textiles, injection-molded paper, paneling with meadow fragrance – all this and much more is on display in the exhibition by Chris Lefteri, guru of material design and guest professor at the NDU: materials of the future, which can already be touched today, which can stimulate ideas and encourage people to use them in all kinds of fields. Whether architecture, furniture design, lighting or packaging: the areas of usage are practically without limits. The exhibition is accompanied by a lecture (In Love With The Future: Trends in Advanced Materials) and a hands-on workshop.

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NDU Projektraum, stilwerk Wien

1020 Wien

Opening hours
Fr 25.09. 2-7pm
Sa 26.09. 2-7pm
Su 27.09. 2-7pm
Mo 28.09. 2-7pm
Tu 29.09. 2-7pm
We 30.09. 2-7pm
Th 1.10. 2-7pm
Fr 2.10. 2-7pm
Sa 3.10. 2-7pm
Su 4.10. 2-7pm