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Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien, noHOME Pavillon, (DigDesFab14)

Fr 25.09.–Su 4.10.2015

Cocktail 26.09.2015 7pm

The noHOME pavilion’s aim is to create an enclosed shell that reflects subjective feelings of the missing private sphere and addresses various aspects of homelessness in an abstract way. Its visual design and structure examines and implies this lack as well as the lack of a protective function, the ambiguity between inside and outside and the perception of a mainly hostile environment. By Andrei Gheorghe, Robert Vierlinger and students of the IoA, Vienna University of Applied Arts.


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1100 Wien

Opening hours
Fr 25.09. 10am-7pm
Sa 26.09. 10am-7pm
Su 27.09. 10am-7pm
Mo 28.09. 10am-7pm
Tu 29.09. 10am-7pm
We 30.09. 10am-7pm
Th 1.10. 10am-7pm
Fr 2.10. 10am-7pm
Sa 3.10. 10am-7pm
Su 4.10. 10am-7pm