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Fr 25.09.–Fr 2.10.2015

Cocktail 29.09.2015 6pm

Because of their complex kinetics and multifaceted programming potential, industrial robots are opening up new opportunities for designers and architects. The interdisciplinary research team of Robotic WoodCraft – including teachers and students of the Vienna University of Applied Arts – got together with the Lucy.D Design studio and developed the installation RANDOMIZED IDENTITIES. Using minimal, random modifications of computer data, they created new structures and forms within the series. During the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK the public can experience robotic aesthetics live on site in the main hall – the aula – and the department of wood technology.

25.09., 28.09.-2.10.
Live Robotik Presentation in the 'Holztechnologie' between 6 - 8 pm
Presentation in the 'Aula' between 9 am - 8 pm


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