J. Pichlbauer / K. Kender / A. Fruhstorfer / L. Hofer

Stadtarbeit – City Work



Johanna Pichlbauer/Kay Kender/Alexandra Fruhstorfer/Lisa Hofer, Kay Kender, Alexandra Fruhstorfer, Lisa Hofer


They’re easy to overlook in the hustle and bustle of daily life in the Neubau district: people who were thrown by fate into a dead-end street, who have to struggle each day to survive and to overcome obstacles, people we rarely learn anything about. They might belong to a minority group and have undertaken a long journey to get here, escaping a war zone. They possibly resisted while their apartments were being rebuilt as luxury accommodations. Maybe they found refuge in a homeless shelter. Or they’re unable to deal with everyday life by themselves. Often, helpers learn the stories behind the scenes. Numerous centers in the 7th district provide aid for the individuals who require it. A large interactive board shows this side of Vienna’s Neubau district: Over ten days, seven signals will be transmitted directly and in real-time from invisible corners to the Festival Headquarters, providing a look at unknown living spaces and worlds. The project was executed in cooperation with Caritas.